The Boneshaker Cycling Society

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The Boneshaker Cycling Society

What’s it all about?

Elegance over exertion, style over speed
The Tweed Cycling Club 2007
Naturally the spirit of these events is to enjoy the seasons, though of course, conviviality and jollity ought to play a big part in the proceedings!
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The Olden Days
All effort has been made to make the routes both scenic and relatively exertion-free for the chronically unfit, the immaculately-dressed and the hung-over! To avoid excessive hunger or thirst all rides will provide home made tasty morsels and refreshing beverages to enjoy. Riders are strongly encouraged to pack a picnic lunch and blanket to spread on the grass and play a polite game of croquet.
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They are not races or a distance covering exercise of interest only to the sort of deviants who are morbidly enthusiastic about sweating. Riders can stop as often as they like to admire the views, take photographs or enjoy pleasant conversation with fellow cyclists.

As the jaunting company will include women, children and senior citizens there will be plenty of opportunities to visit lavatories for the adjustment of tie-knots, the straightening of stocking seams and the the waxing of windswept moustaches (in case anyone is worried about that sort of thing).